Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sailor Moon Finds on eBay #3!

Time to see what 25 items we found lurking on Ebay this time around!

Greatest of the Expensive Items:

That artbook we mentioned in the last update is still there and topping the pricelist. So for something different, here are two items that caught our eye!

A rare cel from the opening of Sailor Stars!

The complete first and second seasons, dubbed and from Australia . **I mention this item because due to distribution problems back in the day many places did not see these dvds. If you have a region free dvd player and still wish to own this, this is your best option. Australia was one of the last countries to lose the rights and these DVDs are popping up all over the web. Yes this is pricey but it’s better than paying
500 bucks

Best of the Cheap Items:

A Sailor Moon Address Book presumably from Japan!

Items That Make Us Go O.o.:

Which Sailor Senshi wore these colors?

Best of the Rest!

We found a whole bunch of teenybopper cosmetics from Spain!

Sailor Jupiter Body Glitter

Sailor Venus Body Glitter

Sailor Chibi-Moon Nail Polish

Sailor Moon Nail Polish

Sailor Moon Lip Gloss

A Rare Pencil Board - This poster hangs in Sailordees’ office!

A Rare Michiru Phone Card

Sailor Moon Markers!

Sailor Mars Cell Phone Charm

A rare Luna Message Clip

Rare Sailor Moon Necklace Featuring The Moon Princess!

A cute Sailor Venus Mini Board Book!

Sailor Moon Heart Ribbon Cards

Set of 5 Sailor Moon Crystal Figurines!

A rare limited edition poster

A Coffee Mug from Japan!

Why cheer for teams in the Stanley Cup Playoffs when you could cheer for Sailor Moon?

Sailor Moon Pendant Set

Sailor Moon Fan!

Sailor Moon Vanity Desk!

And sadly we bring this shopping trip to a close for now!

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Cool stuff! ^_^..d

I especially like the fan!