Thursday, March 29, 2007

Meet the Staff: Sailordees

Name: Sailordees
Position: Chief Editor , Writer, Moderator and Chief of Staff.
I Have Been a Sailor Moon Fan Since: August 28th, 1995
Favorite Episode or Movie: Too many to name! I really enjoyed the first two seasons (sub or dub) and my favorite episode in Stars is #194, and I loved all the movies.
Favorite Sailor Moon Character: I like them all, but if I had to pick one, Sailor Saturn!
Other Anime or Manga I like: Black Cat, Slayers, Studio Ghibli, Ghost in the Shell, Honey and Clover, Diamond Dust Drops, Serial Experiments Lain and the hybrid anime, Cybersix.
Other tidbits: I have an empty can of Heinz’s infamous Sailor Moon Pasta that has been autographed by Roland Parliament, Stephanie Morgenstern, and Katie Griffin. I’m also Canadian!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

News from the other side of the pond!

Asian News Blitz: The Sailor Moon Crew in Japan and Malaysia!

Toru Furuya Appears at GACC in Malaysia!

Toru Furuya , best known as the voice of Tuxedo Kamen (Sailor Moon) , Yamcha (DBZ), and Ray Amuro (various Gundam incarnations), appeared at Games.Anime.Comic.Circle (GACC) in Malaysia on Saturday March 18th. He participated in a talk session, meet and greet, and served as a cosplay judge . Toru broke ground as the first Seiyuu (Japanese VA) to visit South East Asia, and was very popular with nearly all of the congoers! We were able to track down a few cosplay photos from The Star (Malaysia) and here . We recommend fans check out the second link, as it features a fan-captured video of Toru speaking as Tuxedo Mask!

Konosuke Uda to Direct New Anime Series, Love*Com!

The romantic comedy Love*Com (short for Lovely Complex), is set to premiere in Japan on April 7th. It is based on the shoujo manga of the same name by Aya Nakahara, and tells of the relationship between tall Risa Koisumi and her short boyfriend, Atsushi Otoni. The Toei anime is directed by Konosuke Uda , who directed some episodes from the S and SuperS seasons, and served as Assistant Director with the SS movie. The manga lasted from 2001-2006, and last summer a hit live action movie debuted.

The manga has been licensed in North America by Viz and the english translation will be released this summer.

Move Over Desperate Housewives, You've Got Nothing on Panchanne!

Bishoujo Celeb Panchanne is a new Live-Action Series set to premiere on TV Tokyo April 3rd . Yumiko Shinjo used to be a superhero just like Sailor Moon in her high school days, transforming into Bishoujo Kamen Florence. By day, she lives the life of a housewife, married to Kensuke (a businessman), and mother to their kindergartner daughter, Risa. By night however, she returns to her superhero lifestyle as Panchanne. The show is directed by Masataka Takamaru , who directed PGSM (Live Action Sailor Moon) , and stars up and coming idol Haruna Yabuki in the title role. We think the idea of a superhero housewife is absolutely hilarious and we will keep you posted if we find any clips! Fans can read an interview and watch a video of Haruna about the show here.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Remember Back in 1995...

An Old Promotional Flyer from Sailor Moon's Canadian Debut!

I came across this tonight while going through my files, and I thought that I should share this with you all. There's going to be no formality to this post, as I'm just going to write my thoughts...

Many years ago, YTV used to hold contests during their New Years Meltdown cartoon blitzes held from December 31st to January 1st. Viewers, (if I remember correctly) would be entered in for a draw for big prizes and "mystery prizes" when they would send in a postcard to YTV (yes , there was a time before email)!. I was in grade six at the time and I had won one of the 30,000 Mystery Prizes, a door hanger (whoopee.), and a photocopied letter with Paul Maguire's autograph (Yeah, they couldn't even send us a real one...). I don't know where either of those are now :S.

But, I guess they kept my address and I got sent a promotional pamphlet probably the June or July before Sailor Moon premiered in 1995. I saved it, like most kids do when they get "important" pieces of mail! This was probably just after the time I started to really get interested in the Canadian Media Industry. YTV had pulled Power Rangers off of the air (which was a favorite of "the cool crowd" back in the day) and all the news coverage of why and the workings of the CRTC interested me.
I'm glad I saved it, but I digress...

I had found it again while going through boxes in our basement about a year ago, and I scanned it thinking I could use it for something or other, and this is that something! Now, I didn't scan the whole thing. I may scan it all later, but I am posting this much for now.

Click the image for full size - The Zone has been around for a very long time. This is the second set, and probably lasted the longest of the 4-5 that it has had since its inception in 1992. The host you see there is "Fresh" Phil Guererro - who now from what I read plays in a goth band and still acts. And there's Snit in the background! That animatronic television with the teeth! Anyway, spot the glaring "Megaverse" error...

And this is a very large image. This is the schedule Sailor Moon had followed all through it's initial run in 1995-96. I remember coming home from school and waiting for tired Alvin and the Chipmunks to finish up so I could watch Sailor Moon, and I didn't get off the couch until Rugrats had ended. Aside from Hello Kitty and Keroppi , Sailor Moon was a huge pioneer for anime on this station back in 1995. And the rest, as they say, is history. YTV is now one of the premiere stations in Canada for eager anime fans.

Looking back on all this, it saddens me to see how in 12 years this series has been through so much turmoil not only here but all over the world. Many countries never got to see the last season, the movies, or the specials. It's even sadder to think that while the series was "homegrown" in Canada that many provinces (including mine) never saw the dvds in any store. Short of ordering online, there was little recourse for us to own the series. It's still up in the air if anywhere out of Japan will ever see it again. reported earlier that Toei will be releasing the first three seasons on something akin to iTunes soon, and for a relatively cheap price. Of course I'm happy to see the anime in Japan again, but there will always be a sadness, at least with me that the series isn't here anymore.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Weird and Wonderful Sailor Moon Stuffs on eBay #2!

Here it comes everyone! Your Bi-weekly scavenge of Ebay for strange and treasured Sailor Moon Merchandise!

Greatest of the Cheap Items:
Pencil Cases and Pencils - From Japan!

Most Expensive Item:
We found two this week that we thought were way too overpriced!
Sailor Moon Infinity Artbook - Yes we know this is rare but a grand is still too much!

Both of the ADV subbed boxsets - $750 is too much to pay, used or new!

Best of the Rest:

A Special Edition Pin Set - Released (we assume) coinciding with the S-season.

Sailor Moon Bedsheets - a must have for a Sailor Moon fan with a twin-sized bed!

Tuxedo Mask Wallet - For all those times your boyfriend won't give you money!

Unopened Dart Flipcards Box - Missing any cards in your collection? There's a good chance it will be in here!

A Rare Clear File - This was a bonus in an issue of Nakayoshi.

Pegasus Scepter - Produced in Germany!

Sailor Moon Vanity - Now your Sailor Moon dolls and figures can have their own vanity to prim themselves!

Sailor Moon Cake Party Set - This makes the Easy Bake oven seem so much less cool~

Sailor Moon's Transformation Pen! - Note: This product may not actually transform you into anyone you want.

Sailor Moon Settai Lot - These drawings were made by the studio to use as references for animating.

Sailor Moon Album Figurine - We're not sure what this is,it might be a photo album or some figures. If any of you know, please contact us!

Rare Locket Set - Also a bonus in Nakayoshi!

Prism Box and Hankerchief - Also rare from Japan!

Sailor Moon Backpack - A North American Item for that special kindergartner in your life!

Manga Card File - This too, was a bonus with Nakayoshi!

Sailor Moon Chopsticks and Spoon - Perfect for School Lunches!

Sailor Chibi-Moon Pen - This is adorable!

And so ends this column! Who knows what the next one will bring?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Meet the Staff: The Me

Name: The Me (Yes, the article is integral.)
Position: Lurky HTML guy, moderator and sometimes opinion renderer.
I have been a Sailor Moon Fan since: 2003
Favorite episode or movie: The entire S season.
Favorite Sailor Moon Character: Sailor Mars, with Pluto and Saturn coming in close behind.
Other Anime or Manga I like: Black Cat, Kanon, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Evangelion, Azumanga Daioh, to name a few.
Other tidbits: Watch this space, it is subject to change.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Wii May Have a New Sailor Moon Video Game in the Land of the Rising Sun!

(This story is developing and will be changed/edited later as time permits and announcements are made)

Earlier this week, had reported news of a new Sailor Moon Game for the Nintendo Wii, that had popped up on . I was on both sides of the fence with the validity of this rumor, so last night I sent an email to customer service to see if it was true. Below, is the response I have received.

Dear Sailordees,

Thank you for writing YesAsia!

Regarding your email dated March 15, please kindly note that although the final release of item "Sailor Moon (Working Title) (Japan Version)" is subject to change, we are informed by the supplier that it is likely to be a release of the item at the moment. If you have any further inquiries, please kindly visit for further details.

Once again, thank you very much for your continued support of We look forward to seeing you again at our store.

Please DO NOT REPLY to this email directly. Should you have any further inquiry, please kindly refer to our Help Section at for further assistance.

Yours sincerely,
Michael Kwan
Customer Service Department

For fans who wish to purchase this game (if/when it is released), unfortunately the Wii is region-locked, and you will either have to void your North American Warranty by purchasing a modchip and having it installed, or purchasing a Japanese Nintendo Wii. The Wii interface language cannot be changed to English, so at the very least have a Japanese-English dictionary handy if you plan to pursue this! We are reading different stories all over the web with respect to output compatibility and North American Televisions. However if your TV can accept both PAL and NTSC input, then you should be good to go! EDIT: Thanks to MC! reader Adam for notifying us that Japan and North America have the same TV standards (NTSC) so North Americans do not need to purchase a new television! However, people in Europe, some parts of Asia, Africa, and South America will need to ensure their current television can accept both input formats, as well as having a compatible Wii , to play this game.

Once the news is really confirmed, fans will have to go through great lengths to acquire it. We're going to outline your options a little here. A Japanese Wii will cost you close to the same price a North American one does (around $250), however keep in mind that to import one of these to North America, you may need to pay duty fees, and they could potentially be very hefty. An import video game can cost anywhere from $50 and up. you will also need to purchase an adapter to plug it in. A modchip costs between $40-50 dollars and from what we have read, it will render your system invincible! You should be able to play most games from Japan and North America. There may be proper installation costs additionally to purchasing a chip , as well as other risks involved with modifying a delicately wired system. The game will be in Japanese, so like we mentioned above, if you cannot read and understand the language, at the very least, have a good dictionary handy. Fans should choose the option best suited for themselves.

It is unknown at this time whether this game will come to North America, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, considering TOEI has pulled all international liscences.

Again, this story is developing, and we will have more information as we learn more! Do you have any information about the Wii we may have missed? Please send us a tip at !

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Moon Chase’s Debut Best Sailor Moon Finds on eBay!

Here we bring you the most interesting Sailor Moon related items on Ebay! Some of these links may be expired, but we are sharing them with you nonetheless to show you just what interesting Sailor Moon merchandise has been created!

Best of the cheap items:

German Queen Beryl Doll - The Europeans had better merchandise than Irwin!

Most Expensive Item:
A Rare Artbook - We’ve seen these at conventions sell for between 50-100. This price is insane!


Sailor Moon Cels For Charity! -this kind user is selling a lot of cool Sailor Moon cels , with a portion of the final sale price being donated to Dachshund Adoption Rescue & Education (DARE)!

Best of the Rest:

Bandai Playdia - A console, a Sailor Moon video game, and an Ultraman videogame, at a dirt cheap price!

Chibi-Usa Cosplay and Karaoke Toy! for the Chibi-Usa fan in your life!

Sailor Moon Pizza Cycle! - Yes, you too can have toy pizza with Sailor Moon!

Sailor Moon Cosplay Odangoes Headband - For all of us who don’t want to hurt ourselves trying to tie those things!

A lot - There’s some rare items not even we have heard of in here!

Sailor Moon Roulette Fortune Teller - Who needs a psychic to tell the future when you’ve got Sailor Moon?

Sailor Moon Parking Sign - This would be funny to stick in a parking lot on April Fools’ Day!

A Gorgeous Sailor Moon Cel - Why must all the best cels cost so much :’(.

Sailor Moon Notebooks! - These will make you the coolest kid in school!

Original Nakayoshi Manga - A must for anyone who is a Sailor Moon Manga Buff!

Most of the Mixx Comics - Look soon for a story on Tokyopop on this site!

Rare Keychains - Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon rare set!

Sailor Moon Rain Coat! Don’t you wish you were seven years old so you could wear this to school?

Sailor Moon Styling Dolls - way better than playing with a Barbie!

A Rare Cel from the SS Movie - that perfect addition to any fan’s collection!

A puzzle! We aren’t quite sure what part of the world this one comes from!

This ends our inaugural Ebay scavenge! Moon Chase will be trying its very best to post one biweekly!

Monday, March 12, 2007

VAs, Actors, and Seiyuu Links!

North American VAs:

Susan Aceron
Harvey Atkin
Linda Ballantyne
Emilie-Claire Barlow
Stephanie Beard
Vince Corazza
Tony Daniels
Naz Edwards
Katie Griffin
Terri Hawkes
Sarah Lafleur
Stephanie Morgenstern
Roland Parliament
Rino Romano
Robert Tinkler

** All names of the Japanese stars are posted first name first.

Actors of PGSM:
Mew Azama
Alisa Durbrow
Yoshito Endo (mobile phone browser site)
Keiko Han
Chieko Kawabe (English)
Masaya Kikawada
Keiko Kitagawa
Rina Koike
Ayaka Komatsu
Jun Masao
Moeko Matsushita (Agency)
Kaori Moriwaka
Miyuu Sawai
Jyoji Shibue
Aya Sugimoto
Kappei Yamaguchi

Seiyuu (Japanese Voice Artists):

Note: This took us a very long time to put together. Please do not reproduce this list or copy and paste the source code on your own site without our permission. It really would have been too much to add in who played who, and when we mention the actors in an article we will always tell you who they played. But if you are consulting this list for a specific voice, we'll point you to ANN, Wikimoon, or the Sailor Moon Encyclopaedia to look up specific characters. But we believe that this is the most complete list of all the fansites on the internet since most of the links on ANN are broken. Some talent agencies recently restructured their websites and over half of the links for the actors on ANN are broken - so refer to this list for the right sites! We painstakingly made sure these all worked.

Shinobu Adachi
Yuri Amano
Arisa Ando
Masahiro Anzai
Kae Araki
Youko Asagami
Tomohisa Asou
Nobutoshi Canna
Isshin Chiba
Shigeru Chiba
Mika Doi
Jin Domon
Masashi Ebara
Hisao Egawa
Hiroko Emori
Miyako Endou
Yuriko Fuchizaki
Misa Fukai
Rika Fukami
Toshio Furukawa
Toru Furuya
Ayumi Furuyama
Junko Hagimori
Keiko Han
Aya Hara
Takaya Hashi
Ushio Hashimoto
Megumi Hayashibara
Akiko Hiramatsu
Masao Hirano
Aya Hisakawa
Nobuyuki Hiyama
Mitsuko Horie
Ryo Horikawa
Mako Hyodo
Michihiro Ikemizu
Kunihiko Ikuhara
Kazue Ikura
Tetsu Inada
Miki Inoue
Akira Ishida
Yoko Ishida
Koji Ishii
Hideo Ishikawa
Tetsuya Iwanaga
Shino Kakinuma
Mika Kanai
Jun'ichi Kanemaru
Rumi Kasahara
Yoko Kawanami
Houko Kawashima
Taeoko Kawata
Yasuhiko Kawazu
Nobuhiko Kazama
Atsushi Kisaichi
Satoko Kito
Michitaka Kobayashi
Toshio Kobyashi
Yuko Kobayashi
Yoshiyuki Kouno
Mami Koyama
Yuka Koyama
Hisako Kyouda
Yuji Machi
Tomoko Maruo
Mari Maruta
Eiji Maruyama
Yasunormi Masutani
Mami Matsui
Taiki Matsuno
Youko Matsuoka
Hikaru Midorikawa
Yuko Minaguchi
Omi Minami (Radio Show)
Yuko Mita
Kotono Mitsuishi
Makiko Mizogami
Alisa Mizuki
Katsuji Mori
Toshiyuki Morikawa
Nao Nagasawa
Yuko Nagashima
Tomoko Naka
Kazuya Nakai
Daiki Nakamura
Keiko Nakamura
Naoko Nakamura
Michio Nakao
Sara Nakayama
Chieko Nanba
Keiichi Nanba
Miki Narahashi
Kumiko Nishihara
Hiromi Nishikawa
Chinami Nishimura
Tomohimo Nishimura
Tomomichi Nishimura
Junko Noda
Mayumi Nomura
Yosuke Numata
Megumi Ogata
Mahito Ohba
Makiko Ohmoto
Shinichiro Ohta
Ikue Ohtani
Ryuzaburo Ohtomo
Ryotaro Okiayu
Masaaki Okura
Kazumi Okushima
Ayako Ono
Masaya Onosaka
Sae (Nanami Yumihara)
Daisuke Sakaguchi (and his Ferrets!)
Osamu Saka
Shinobu Satouchi
Asako Satou
Chie Satou
Hiroyuki Satou
Ikuya Sawaki
Katsuya Shiga
Bin Shimada
Junko Shimakata
Emi Shinohara
Nanae Sumitomo
Yuki Sumitomo
Hirotaka Suzuoki
Sanai Takagi
Wataru Takagi
Yoshino Takamori
Yasuhiro Takato
Eri Takeda
Hiroshi (Taku)Takemura
Hideyuki Tanaka
Kazunari Tanaka
Mayumi Tanaka
Sakura Tange
Naoki Tatsuta
Nobuo Tobita
Michie Tomizawa
Youmi Touma
Machiko Toyoshima
Narumi Tsunoda
Toshiya Ueda
Noriko Uemura
Rumiko Ukai
Hideyuki Umezu
Megumi Urawa
Emi Uwagawa
Norio Wakamoto
Kumiko Watanabe
Akiko Yajima
Fushigi Yamada
Shinichi Yamada
Yuriko Yamamoto
Wakana Yamazaki
Takahiro Yoshimizu
Hinako Yoshino

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Official and Industry Links

These sites are either official sites for Sailor Moon, or sites that are important to the industry in terms of companies who have dealt with Sailor Moon in the past.

First though, we recommend these three browsers for the optimal Moon Chase! experience!

Mozilla Firefox

Official and Industry Sites:

Official Sailor Moon Channel
Toei's Official 20th Anniversary DVD Site
ANIMAX's Sailor Moon DVD Launch Site
ANIMAX's Sailor Moon Charaben Site
Toei Animation (Japan)
Toei Animation Inc. (Los Angeles)
Toei Animation Europe (Paris)
Cartoon Network

Contact Us!

Got a hot Sailor Moon related news tip? Wanna tell us what's good and what's bad about this Newsblog? Do you want to see something else that we haven't featured? Let us know at (remove everything between the @ and

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Points of Interest

The following websites are neat points to check out around the internet - some of them are run by friends, and some have been very supportive in providing links to our site! And others are just there to give you readers more resources.

Anime News Network
Save Our Sailors (inactive)
TV in Japan
Amazoness by George Hutcheon
Game Socks - Fun Game Downloads!
Crystal Tokyo - A Sailor Moon Blog
Sailor Moon Obsession
ConScrew by Kara Dennison
Pawprints (an Art Blog)
Star Moon - An RPG
Starlight Pops: A Sailor Starlight Shrine

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A New Moon Rises!

A New Moon Rises March 8th, 2007!

Hey there Sailor Moon fans! The New Year brings something that has been in the works for a few months. Welcome to Moon Chase! Where the staff strives to bring you happenings in the Sailor Moon World in Technicolor! With pictures! On the interwebs!

We’re still trying to get things together but we’re hoping to bring fans a few features. One is a better bridge between the Voice Actors and the fans by providing more frequent updates on their whereabouts and whenever possible, reviews of their productions. Another is interesting occurrences of Sailor Moon in the media, be it sightings or mentions. Lastly, on the lighter side of things, merchandise finds all over the net and anything else we feel like writing or commenting about!

For the full Moon Chase experience, we recommend guests use the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Netscape to browse this site. We have had problems with Internet Explorers 6 and 7 with how they choose to display our header, among other things. We tried to fix it, but in the tech world we have noticed a shift from Internet Explorer to other (better) browsers and we encourage our readers to make the switch! These browsers have more features and are more secure than Internet Explorer, and if you have not played with any of them yet, you will see what we mean when you do! We have provided links to these other browsers in our Points of Interest sidebar at the top.

As a special note to our Canadian readers, we’re going to try to bring you another perspective on the state of anime in Canada, something that is sometimes under-reported or missed on other sites. Canada is the home of not only Sailor Moon but also other anime productions, and it’s only reasonable that Canada gets the same attention as other countries.

Eventually, I will be posting my older articles from the SOS mailing lists with pictures and a few edits where warranted. There have been so many big, big sightings over the years and sadly I have been unable, given the format, to post pictures (when I could find them) next to the text. I want to make this perfectly clear, though: this blog is in no way affiliated with SOS; I will only be reposting articles and releases that I have written (since they are my own work).

We are always excited to hear your comments! You can comment at the bottom of each post. However, we want to tell you two things: while we will allow anonymous posting, we’d really like to know who’s commenting and prefer it if you posted a name (real or fake) at the bottom of your comment. We have also enabled comment moderation to keep spam out. One of us will be looking at the comments at least 2-3 times a week to keep out the spam or trolls. If you have a Gmail account (or any Google account), use this to log in to Blogger - they are all under the Google umbrella.

Linking to our site? Please let us know! We'd love to link to your site in our Points of Interest Sidebar! If you would like to send us email, you can contact us at .
Thanks for visiting!
Sailordees, Box, Starcat, and The Me

Moon Chase's Debut Voice Actors Sightings, Part One!

VA Sightings February 2007!

And here we are bringing you the old familiar fan favorite, the sightings of the North American Voice Artists! Our box of sightings is about to explode with all the news we've gathered, so without further ado, here we go!

We've had to split this into two parts. This is because we are trying to keep things organized for all the fans, but we are not allowed to have more than 200 characters worth in tags.

Music, Theatre, and Appearances:

Naz Edwards (Queen Beryl) recently performed in the Kerrytown Concert Hall’s fifth annual Wine, Women and Song concert. She and nine other singers sang a mix of jazz, cabaret, and classical songs at the Ann Arbor venue January 26th and 27th. The show was divided into four segments that sounded very intriguing , however none of us could actually attend the concert (none of us are close to Michigan). We’d love to hear from any fans that attended the show! Her CD ....If the Waiting Takes Years is not only just available at her official website but can also be found at which will ship outside the USA.

Accomplished jazz singer Emilie-Claire Barlow (Sailor Mars #2 and Sailor Venus #2) will have a new album coming out in June of this year! And she recently published an entry on her blog about speaking at the Anime Ball at York Woods Library in which she got to meet lots of Sailor Moon fans young and old, and had a very bad experience with someone who didn’t care for jazz. We’re sending hugs to Emilie-Claire (we ♥ your tunes!) and we are so looking forward to your album! For anyone who would like to see Emilie-Claire perform on Canada AM in January of this year, she has posted a video on her official myspace as well as others at her official website . She also appeared on CBC’s new tv show Living (hosted by Mary Ito) in late January. Emilie-Claire can be seen next on March 20th in an Exclusive Food and Wine pairing event at the CN Tower , and will be performing a concert on March 24th at the Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar in Toronto .

Lyon Smith (Sapphire) made his debut at Toronto's Tarragon Theatre as the sound designer for the world premiere of the play Generous. This play (written by Michael Healey) was a "comic exposé of selflessness in people who are highly unfamiliar with the concept." It highlights the conflict that happens when a government collapses because of a vote of non-confidence, and what happens when people who normally are not generous, become overwhelmed with the desire to help in a time when there is potential for real change! The four two-part plays focused on different themes relating to power, from the corporate end, to the judicial end , to the political end. This sounds somewhat familiar to Canadians given our recent election history. The play ran from September 19 to October 29 at the downtown Toronto theatre.

Video games:

Superman Returns (for most platforms) is a game loosely based on the hit movie from last summer. Not only does it feature an arc from the movie, but it also features arcs from the past 60 years of the famous superhero comic, where such enemies like Mr. Mxyzptlk , Metallo, and Bizarro. While most critics agree this is the best Superman video game ever made, unfortunately it was not as good as it should be, just like other Superman games that had been released in the past. Many fans and critics were disgruntled because (Spoiler Warning!) The final boss was not an enemy but a Tornado! None of us have tried this game, if you have please tell us what you thought about it in the comments at the bottom! Robert Tinkler (Rubeus, Pupuran) plays various characters in this game.

Animated Series:

Let’s begin with some very , very good news! Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1) stars as the pink kung-fu bunny Yin in Disney’s Yin Yang Yo! This was a brand new cartoon that debuted last fall as part of Disney’s Jetix lineup! And we have two pieces of news! The show is recorded in entirety in Canada, as well as animated up here for the most part, but Canadians never got the chance to see the show– well, set your TIVO’s for March 25th at precisely 6:54 am (fans should check their local schedules) for the show is FINALLY GOING TO MAKE IT’S DEBUT UP HERE ON FAMILY CHANNEL! The second piece of good news is that this cartoon was so well received in the USA and South America that it has been renewed for a second season ! Other VA’s in this star include Tony Daniels (Wiseman) as Ultimoose and Kraggler, Linda Ballantyne (Sailor Moon #3) as Saranoa , and Kathleen Laskey (Birdie) in various roles. We’d like to congratulate all the VA’s on this show and we wish them the best of luck in the second season!

Half-CG animated, half-anamatronic cartoon Wilbur premiered earlier this year on the CBC! The brainchild of three entrepreneurial moms from California , Wilbur is an 8 year old cow whose barnyard is his mind’s playground for adventure, song, and laughter! This educational cartoon promotes reading and a love for books. The show stars Julie Lemieux (Sammy, Young Darien, Peruru) as Wilbur.

Julie can also be heard with Linda Ballantyne in Bigfoot Presents: Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks , a children’s computer animated cartoon about big monster trucks in Crushington Park (isn’t that cute?). Meteor is an expeditionary rover, like those used to explore the Moon and Mars. Julie plays Meteor’s Mom, who in the second episode left to go explore Mars, and Linda plays Sinker. The show made it’s debut on Discovery Kids last fall.

Spider Riders
may be more familiar to the hardcore anime crowd as the English dub of Spider Riders ~the Heroes of Oracle~. This cartoon is about an elite clan of warriors that ride large, metallic spiders and battle against the giant, humanoid, villainous Invectid race, who plan to one day conquer Arachnia and destroy all human life. Lyon Smith plays Spider Rider Magma, and Julie Lemieux plays 11 year old Hunter Steele, a boy who is sucked into the world of Arachnia while on a hike. The show is currently on Kids WB! and Teletoon, check your local listings!

(Continued in the Entry Below)

Moon Chase's Debut Voice Actors Sightings , Part Two!

Live Action Feature Films:

Barbara Radecki (Serena’s Mom, Sailor Neptune) can be spotted in the role of a reporter in the Robin Williams flick, Man of the Year. Robin plays Tom Dobbs, host of a late-night political talk show who decides on a whim he’s going to run for President of the United States. Due to a computer error, he wins the election, and the rest of the movie follows Dobbs and Eleanor , a very torn former voting company employee, and their decision whether to make this public or not. The film was released on DVD February 20th.

In theatres now is Breach, a thriller based on the true story of Eric O'Neill, an upstart FBI operative who worked under Robert Hanssen, an agent who was convicted of spying for the Soviet Union for fifteen years. Fans should definitely check this out if they are into political crime dramas and it has been well-received from critics. The film stars Chris Cooper as Robert Hanssen, Ryan Phillippe as Eric O’Neill, as well as Laura Linney and Caroline Dhavernas . David Huband (Serena’s Dad) can be seen as a photographer in this movie.

Last but not least is a film we anticipate watching in 2008! Hank and Mike tells the story of two friends who are living their dream careers, being professional Easter Bunnies. They get laid off by their company and are now forced to find other jobs. Later they try to get their jobs back and save Easter for some very disgruntled kids who did not get any chocolate. This appears to be a movie adaptation of a 15-minute Canadian short about two easter bunnies who get drunk at a “Gentlemen’s Club”. Not many other details are known at this time, but two VA’s can be seen in this, Kathleen Laskey as Connie Schytt and David Huband as Mr. Sulsky. The director has uploaded a private, censored version of the trailer on youtube, and an uncensored one exists at the official website . The content of both trailers are pretty mature, so don’t watch either of them if you are under 18.

Live Action Television Series:

Naturally Sadie is a Canadian tween comedy that airs on both Family Channel in Canada. Disney Channel in the USA, and Nickelodeon in the UK and Australia. It tells the tales of high school student Sadie Hawthorne (played by Charlotte Arnold) who loves to study and observe animals, all while making her way through the jungle that is her high school. Currently , a third season is in production. Last November, in the episode Two of a Kind, David Huband appeared as Steve-O, Sadie Hawthorne’s very competitive uncle. The show is bound to repeat until the new season is broadcast, so check your local listings!

72 Hours: True Crime is currently in it’s third season on CBC television and on TLC in the USA. The show through re-enactments and sometimes archive footage tells the stories of real crimes in the USA and Canada , focusing on the first 72 hours after they were committed. The episode Frenzy, profiled the case of serial killer Eric Fitzgerald Ross who murdered a cab driver, as well as a Baptist deacon, his grandaughter and her boyfriend. David Fraser (Grandpa Hino) portrays Paul McGarry, a Staff Sargent with the Barrie Police Department who is assigned to the case. The episode aired in November of last year.

Sarah Lafleur (Sailor Uranus) continues her primetime TV appearances in CBS’s hit show, Without a Trace. She played the major role of sympathetic journalist Valerie Sharp, in the episode Eating Away which aired on January 14th of this year. Her character was the confidante of a competitive eater named Barry Rosen (played by Michael Dunn) who got involved in a very complicated situation with his brother, a gambler, and others. This episode is not likely to be on DVD for at least a year, so fans wanting to check this episode out should check their listings for a rerun.

And finally, for all you Sci-Fi fans, we have uncovered a very brand new sighting! Premiering sometime this fall on CHUM's specialty channel Space , is Ice Planet. Captain Jonas Trager and a team of international military and scientific personnel are on the search for a mysterious alien artifact, which is special because it grows from the memories of human explorers. Captain Trager lives to explore and investigate; forever searching for answers to the unknown. One unknown very close to him he continues to search for answers to is the mysterious murder of his wife, Cathy. As they explore this artifact, they are hit by an asteroid strike , and the artifact whips them through space and time to a mysterious ice planet. The survivors soon find themselves in the midst of an ancient alien war, and face a long journey of evolution and self-discovery to fulfill their destinies. Stephanie Morgenstern makes her sci-fi debut, starring as Cathy Trager in this series. Production is slated to begin any minute now (it was initially delayed due to the ACTRA strike) and is a joint production between Germany, the UK and Canada. There isn't an official site, but fans wanting more information can check out this very comprehensive fansite which is already rounding up potential fans before the show airs!

Live Action Movies for Television

Harvey Atkin (Various Monsters of the Day) and Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars) make up our last pair of sightings this time around. Both were seen in heartwarming movies that aired near the end of 2006!

Harvey Atkin was seen as Harvey in Lifetime’s Why I Wore Lipstick to my Mastectomy . This movie tells the true story of Geralyn Lucas, a former editorial producer for 20/20. When she was 27, she discovered a lump on her breast, and got the grim diagnosis that the lump had resulted from breast cancer. She underwent a mastectomy, and wrote about her experiences overcoming cancer in a book of the same name. In her own words, she wrote this book because “When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I promised that I would share my story with other women to help take away the fear of breast cancer and encourage them to get checked.". This movie was well received and is not on DVD yet, but can be purchased from iTunes

The Hallmark Hall of Fame flick Candles on Bay Street served as a reunion for Alicia Silverstone and Katie Griffin - they had previously worked together on the popular cartoon Braceface! Katie played Nina Harper, who was mean to Alicia Silverstone’s character, Sharon Spitz. In this movie, Alicia played Dee-Dee, a single mom who many years ago abruptly left her hometown in Maine , leaving Sam, a man who truly loved her. 13 years later she returns back there, to find he has married someone else. Dee-Dee is also now a single mom to her son, Trooper. She is also suffering from Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and is looking for someone to take care of her son after she is gone. She makes candles for a living because they symbolize light in the dark. Katie Griffin played Naomi in this film. This movie aired on CBS last November and should be released on DVD any time now and fans can purchase this at their local Hallmark Gold Crown Store. We’re unsure why Hallmark has the movie all over their store and yet it cannot be found anywhere to purchase on their site . However we did notice a few legit copies kicking around on eBay so this makes us think that it may be available in stores as we speak!

That caps this update, but fear not! This blog will report sightings as they happen so readers can look forward to reading shorter articles and being made aware (sometimes in advance!) of sightings of your favorite Sailor Moon Voice Actor!

Holiday Goodies for Your Ears!

More than a Wintersong, Emilie-Claire Barlow's Album Is a Delight to the Ears!

Emilie-Claire Barlow (Sailor Mars #2, Sailor Venus #2) is not only a
voice actress, but is also a critically acclaimed jazz singer! She
has been putting out albums since 1998, and her latest, an album full
of holiday tunes is one of her best!

It's full of cozy renditions of familiar favorites such as the
guitar-accompanied "Winter Wonderland" and the enchanting, flirty "Santa Baby". These are softer, jazz flavors that are unique to her style, with quite a range of scat-singing. "Sleigh Ride" is faster paced and features a flute along with some very high notes reached by Emilie-Claire. Last year's "Baby it's Cold Outside" featuring
Canadian Music Legend Marc Jordan is also on this album, and a delight to listen to. "Let it Snow" is softened featuring piano, bass and guitar and a few improvised lyrics. "Angel's Lullaby" is dramatic, with only a piano to accompany her, and her voice brings the dreamy lyrics to life! My second favorite track on the album is her wonderful rendition of the Charlie Brown classic, "Christmas Time is Here", the key change has added a different flavor to it, and her spin on this timeless classic is very notable. I especially like how the Bass and saxophone "sing" the tune in a solo, like the marshmallows atop a cup of the hot chocolate that is her voice .

The gems on this album lie in the other, lesser known tracks which were hits in the early 20th Century, and have been revived by Emilie-Claire. "What are you Doing New Year's Eve" was first written by Frank Loesser in the early 20th Century. He was a famous lyricist and composer and had composed five famous Broadway musicals, including "Guys and Dolls" and "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying". This song, was famous during the late 1940's , and has been covered by such greats as Diana Krall and Barry Manilow. Emilie-Claire's version begins with simply her voice and strings, but the wondrous tone in her voice pulls you in to listen a little longer and before you know it, you can feel the heartbreak of the character in the song. Irving Berlin was also a famous composer, who was the mind behind such hits as "White Christmas" and "Blue Skies" , also wrote "I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm", which has been performed by such greats as Billie Holiday. This tune is covered wonderfully by Emilie-Claire and her bright vocals will warm any cold soul in a Canadian winter. And last but not least is my favorite track on the album, the impressive "Little Jack Frost", which features her own style of vocalese, or "Emiliese" as she calls it, writing her own verse to fit in with a solo normally meant for an instrument!

"Winter Wonderland" is available at HMV stores across Canada or
online through either or , or for any of her fans
all around the world, it can be purchased online - at iTunes !

Puretracks also has "Baby, It's Cold Outside".

How to use the Atom Feed on this site!

Blogging has become the new trend in news delivery, and with this new trend comes new technology! Now you don't have to visit this site every day to see if there is a new story - The Atom feed on Moon Chase is similar to having a special bookmark in your bookmarks list that can tell you if there's been a new post or not!

For those of our readers who are unfamiliar with how it works on Blogger, we are providing a quick tutorial on how to use it. You can click on all the screenshots we have provided for a larger view.

If you are using a browser like Mozilla Firefox (which we recommend) in the address bar you will see an orange icon (that looks just like this: , which we have drawn an arrow pointing to . You will then be taken to the feeds page, and it appears to be a sort of "lite" version of this site. At the top though, there is a pulldown menu in a pale yellow box. We suggest that if you are not familiar with the other readers in the pulldown list, you are best off choosing Live Bookmarks. Then click subscribe now, and you should get a pop up asking where you want to save this bookmark, so choose the place you would like to save it.

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If your browser does not show that orange icon in the address bar, you can go to the bottom of the blog main page and click on the text that says "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" and it will take you to the
feeds page.

There are programs out there that can alert a user when the page is updated, however we haven't had very much experience with them! Any fans wishing to jump in and lend their expertise on these other programs are more than welcome to comment!

Seen and Heard!

Here come some older sightings with updated information, as well as a tidbit sighting from late december 2006.

Sailor Moon Sausages, May 2006:

This comes from this month's Anime Insider (The cover says "101 Facts You Must Know to be an Otaku"). Fact #91 tells
of a little known fact about Sailor moon Merchandise, that surely
falls into the same category as Heinz's Sailor Moon Pasta and
Marumiya's Sailor Moon Furikake. A company called Nissui marketed
Sailor Moon fish-meat Sausages in 1993 to capitalize on the shojo
craze, and it came with a sticker and commercials were made. Here's
the scan from the issue (sadly there is no picture).

EDIT: The internet holds the key! Lilian's Anime Site has pictures of the packaging , but not the snacks themselves! Click here to have a look!

Network TV November 2005:

For those of us moonies who are fans of the NBC series Joey, may have
noticed a little something out of the ordinary in the episode "Joey and the Sex Tape". If the title of this episode offends you, you probably shouldn't read any further. Joey is the Friends spin-off that lasted for two seasons, and
tried bigger and bolder things this year. Unfortunately, despite additions to the cast, the show did not fare well with viewers and was eventually cancelled by NBC, with some episodes that never made it to air in North America (but did in other countries). This season has not yet been released on DVD but is expected to sometime later this year.

In this episode, Joey Tribbiani landed a spot on the popular TV talk show, Ellen (hosted by Ellen DeGeneres). However, there was a catch to this, an ex-girlfriend of Joey's was planning to blackmail him with a very private tape unless he apologized to her on Ellen. The episode wasn't a hit among fans of the show.

However, in Ellen's first scene , she meets up with Joey backstage to talk about what she is going to talk to him about when he comes on. And behind her head on a shelf you can see various figures, of which two of them are suspected to be characters
out of Sailor Moon. I think it's Sailor Moon and Sailor Saturn we are seeing, but the second one is left up to the fans' discretion for who it is. There may be a third Sailor Moon figure in a darker figure,but she doesn't move her head enough so I can't really tell what that other figure is. I am not sure whether the figures are part of the real Ellen set and put up there by her or her staff, or whether it was
an indirect gesture from the staff of Joey.

Here's a screenshot of the dolls in question:

And here they are zoomed in. There is a third behind her head (not visible in this picture).

Late December 2006 "Seen and Heard"

G4 TechTV Canada's popular Gaming Show, X-Play has an interactive chat feature where fans watching the show can chat as they watch the show, and the conversation appears on the show's screen. One of the questions asked by the crew was something to the effect of , if you could have any video game remade, which one would it be and why? One fan suggested that the Sailor Moon fighting games for the Super NES should be remade because they were too hard. We had to agree with the fan after playing them and not getting past the first round.

Stephanie Beard Leaves the Zone for Hollywood!

Stephanie Beard (Rini #2) made the announcement that she was leaving the Zone to further her career in Hollywood on January the 19th, a day after Corus Entertainment (YTV’s parent company) released the news on their corporate website . Fans from all over expressed their well wishes (and their tears) all over her official forums, her myspace and YTV’s site . During the week of January 22-26th , The Zone aired a special lineup of Sugar’s shows, along with special guests such as author Robert Munsch and the Toronto Zoo to bid farewell to her after spending an astounding six years with YTV!

Some kind user had posted a video of all the segments on her last day on youtube but has since removed the video.

In the meantime though, for all you fans who need your Sugar Fix, we suggest these favorite Sugar moments! Watch them all as many times as you feel the need!

1.) Sailor Moon S and SuperS:

Okay, maybe we’re just a little biased, but how could we not put this in the top spot? One episode a day should give you your daily dose of Sugar! And hey, this series marked Stephanie Beard’s debut in the entertainment industry (after a stint on Toronto’s Kiss92 FM)! We also recommend cuddling up to a Rini plushie if you have one to ease the pain! If you don’t already own or have some way of renting the DVDs, we’re pretty sure given the advent of the internet age, that most if not all episodes are floating around on YouTube.

2.) Live Action Stephanie!

Stephanie Beard has appeared on a few TV shows, such as CBC’s now cancelled “This is Wonderland” as a Store Clerk, and former UPN legal drama “Kevin Hill” as Santa’s Elf, helping him arrange families for pictures (seen here), and her quirky nature put dating couple Kevin Hill (Taye Diggs) and Evelyn Cruz (Lisa Marcos) in a very, very awkward position. We've uploaded her big scene for all of you to watch!

Online Videos by

You can also check out her groundbreaking appearance as the first woman ever on the Red Green Show !

Online Videos by

3.) The Next Generation of Care Bears!

Stephanie Beard stars as Wish Bear in both the new computer animated Care Bear flicks, Journey to Joke-a-Lot and Big Wish Movie! We’ve seen both of them and though they are aimed at the younger set, they can probably be enjoyed by all ages. Stephanie also sings in Big Wish Movie, and for anyone who has never heard anything past her attempt at rap or her songs with YTV’s Nuclear Donkey, we think you should give this a watch!

4.) Her other cartoons!

Who could forget about her other cartoon roles? She’s also played Ming on Beyblades, Kara on Di-Gata Defenders, Coco on Pecola, Louisa in The Santa Clause Brothers, and various other roles in Franklin, Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs, Totally Spies, Cyberchase, and Odd Job Jack.

And if that’s STILL not enough, YTV still has a few treasured Sugar Moments all over their site , however be warned: their media player does not work in some versions of Mozilla Firefox. We found it works best in Internet Explorer 6 and higher.

We wish Stephanie Beard the best of luck with her career in Hollywood and we here at Moon Chase! will be keeping our eyes (and ears!) peeled looking out for you!

In Memoriam - Kazuyuki Sogabe

~Kazuyuki Sogabe - 1948-2006~

Kazuyuki Sogabe (born April 16, 1948) , who played Kunzite (Malachite) in the Japanese version, passed away at 8 PM on September 17th after battling Esophageal Cancer. His funeral was held on the 20th. He was 58 years old. From what we have learned from other Japanese sites, his cancer was detected only two months ago, as he had suddenly and surprisingly become emaciated. Sadly, by then it was too late for any treatment that could save him, and doctors predicted he would not last past the end of this year. Toru Furyua (Tuxedo Kamen/Mamoru Chiba) , another Japanese VA who had known Kazuyuki for many years was one of the first to break this sad news in a posting on his official website ( The Official Webpage of Toru Furuya ).

In 1977 along with some other Japanese VA's (Toshio Furukawa, Toru Furuya, Akio Nojima and Akira Kamiya), he had formed a band called Slapstick (pictured above). He played the guitar and he also composed some songs for them. They were very popular in Japan and had released 12 albums from 1977-1986. Their label Pony Canyon ,
had recently released a limited edition boxset of all of their albums plus a DVD of one of their concerts . He was also a theatre star in Chiba Perfecture.

Kazuyuki had been voicing characters for nearly 3 decades , only retiring at the end of 2000 when he felt his voice was becoming weak (and also for other professional reasons). His most famous roles included the Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid, various characters in the Dragonball Z and GT series, Largo in Bubblegum Crisis, Gemini Saga in Saint Seiya, Benn Beckman in One Piece, and Commander Wakkein and Jean in Mobile Suit Gundam. One of his first voice roles was Tonio (Marco's brother) in Studio Ghibli's early epic, 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother. Our sincere condolences to his wife Keiko, his friends and his family.

Cache of an archived BBS post