Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hunter X Hunter Vol. 25 is 6th Best Seller in First Half of 2008

As far as we know, Yoshihiro "Mr. Naoko" Togashi is still on his hiatus from Hunter X Hunter. However, Amazon Japan has released it's top best sellers in manga for the first half of 2008 (December 2007-May 2008) and we were pleased to learn that volume 25 of the popular shonen manga ended up in 6th place. Volume 25 is the latest volume of the manga to be published, and it was released March 4th. For it to have sold that much in under three months and end up on this list is a feat in itself. Congratulations Togashi-san, and we hope you return soon!

For those of you who are wondering the other titles that made the list, we've translated it below.

1. Nodame Cantabile Vol. 20 by Tomoko Ninomiya.
2. Full Metal Alchemist Vol. 19 by Hiromu Arakawa.
3. Moyashimon Vol. 6 by Masayuki Ishikawa
4. Aria Vol. 12 by Kozue Amano.
5. Magical Teacher Negima! Vol. 22 by Ken Akamatsu.
6. Hunter X Hunter Vol. 25 by Yoshihiro Togashi.
7. Kyou no Nekomura-san Vol. 3 by Yoriko Hoshi.
8. One Piece Vol. 49 by Eiichiro Oda
9. Okiku Furikabutte (English: Big Windup) Vol. 9 by Asa Higuchi/
10. Pluto Vol. 5 by Naoki Urasawa.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Caption This #2

Here we are again with another questionable fanart! Today's comes from a forums signature I noticed on forums I frequent. Though I love Sailor Moon and the Spice Girls equally, this is one crossover that makes me shudder.

Caption 1: (To the chorus of Wannabe)
We really wannabe your heroes,
We wanna trash bad guys!
Over and over forever,
Our power never dies!

Caption 2: Upon learning that anime is the hit thing right now with the younger generation, the Spice Girls reunite as cosplayers to further their message of "Girl Power".

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sailor Moon Clock

While we're busy writing up articles on the happenings in the Sailor Moon world, we thought we'd post up this craft we had been saving for a while. A few years ago, HP used to send me emails about different crafts you could make to enhance the printing experience. One of those ones that caught my eye was a real working clock you could make from an old CD. Though I wasn't a huge fan of the clock design, it definitely gave me a template to work with. And now we're sharing it with you all! Have you ever wanted a Sailor Moon clock, but you haven't found one you liked on eBay? Or the ones you did like cost too much? Well fear no more, our clock fits a budget of 10-15 dollars! This also makes a great gift for that special Sailor Moon fan in your life!
Directions below abridged slightly from here.

Step 1: Find an old CD that didn't burn properly, and find an old piece of cardboard. Trace around the CD (don't forget the inside too) and cut out that circle and the hole within it. You should have a donut-shaped piece of cardboard. This is how big you'll need to print the picture.

Step 2: Click on the image below, and save the large version that pops up in a new window or tab to your desktop. Open it in your favorite word processor of choice, and make it approximately half a page big. This may require a few attempts to get it right. I created this image using the template given by HP, and if you want to guess how big to make the image in your word processor, follow the template they have given as a rough guide. EDIT: Moon Chase reader Emily has made a wonderful PDF of the image so no resizing is required! Thanks Emily!

Step 3: Print out the image on some cardstock. Most office supply stores or craft stores might be able to sell you a few sheets rather than you needing to buy an entire package. We recommend white or off white, but if you want to choose a different color than so be it! This shouldn't be more than 5 bucks. Use your stencil to cut out the right shape from the cardstock. You might want to print a few attempts on scrap paper to make sure you got the sizing right. Also, because the paper is thicker, you may need to fiddle with your print quality settings to high.

Step 4: Get a clock movement kit from your local craft or hobby store. These run anywhere from 5-15 dollars, and assemble it as it says in the package. You may need to purchase a couple batteries. Attach the CD to the front of the clock movement with some double-sided tape. The tape costs around a couple of bucks.

Step 5: Put a few pieces of double sided tape on the face of the CD and attach the picture you printed out on the cardstock to the CD. If more assembly is required, this is when you should do it.

Step 6: Adjust the hands of the clock as best you can and start the clock! You now have a Sailor Moon clock for your enjoyment! If you want, you could probably use a glue-gun to put a couple of moon charms on the hands of the clock.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sailor Moon Featured on Jeopardy!

Genvid reports that last Thursday (June 18th) that there was an entire category in the second round of the popular game show Jeopardy, devoted to anime. The fourth question in the round (worth $1600) read “This "lunar" Naoko Takeuchi creation is an example of a "magical girl" given powers to save the world”. Of course, we all know the answer is Sailor Moon! A contestant named Dave Simpson guessed the answer correctly. In fact, he was able to answer all but two of the questions in the round! To have a look at the questions and see if you could answer them, head over to the J! Archive!

EDIT: We found video! Fast forward to 52 seconds to see the Sailor Moon Question!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Even More Stars Are Mourning Miyuki :(

Last night, we discovered the blogs of many stars who worked with Miyuki Kanbe, and we’re going to share with you some of the highlights from what we read of their entries about her. Almost all of them remembered her cheerful spirit, her cute voice, and her charming personality. It's almost like all the Sera Myu actors, whether they worked together or not, formed a kind of kindred with each other. A few stars who didn't get the chance to work onstage with her, met her at many Sera Myu events. We also uncovered an old 2005 interview with Miyuki, which we are working hard to translate. It’s quite long, and it’s being worked on a little bit each day. At the earliest, it will probably be posted late next week.

There are a lot of pictures in this post, so we decided to slice it for the homepage. Read the rest of it after the jump!

Nao Takagi (Sailor Uranus #2 in Sera Myu) wrote that she thought it was a lie when she heard the news. To her, Miyuki had a beautiful and powerful smile, and the two were beru close. Nao thought of her as the younger sister she never had. Miyuki often called Nao "Nao-chan", and one of these recordings will become her new ringtone. She finishes with "I pray her soul may rest in peace now, with a smile in heaven. I love you so much Miyuki, the princess who I will never forget. Thank you for all the love you gave me."

Hikari Ono played many roles in her 477 show run with Sera Myu. She was Sailor Star Maker, Hawk’s Eye, Neo Hawk’s Eye, Loof Merrow, Prince Dimande and Bloody Dracul Vampir. In an entry simply titled Regret, she writes of her grandmother who promised to take her to the hot springs. Unfortunately, she died when Hikari was only 17, without ever fulfilling that promise. It was then that she learned the true meaning of the word "regret". She finds it hard when she loses someone, to think of all the things that they could not do. It is hard to move forward without regretting the past. It would be better if in some shape or form after death if life could go back and do these things. She ends with telling everyone not to regret all the things that they could not do. Many fans think that she is referring to Miyuki in this entry.

Anza Oyama was the first actress to play Sailor Moon in Sera Myu. Now a nu metal singer, she writes on her blog, that she is very sad and truly heart broken. Miyuki had a lot of courage and hope and she put smiles on everyone’s faces! The two of them talked together about their role as Sailor Moon and they had the same realizations of the character and their experiences. She prays cute Miyuki-chan finds happiness in the next world.

Marina Kuroki was the fourth and last person to play Sailor Moon in the musicals. She wrote that she didn’t have very much contact with Miyuki during the transition from the third to the fourth sailor team, but that she had many memories of the times all the Sera Myu actors would come together. Miyuki was cute, gave her a lot of advice, and talked to her once in a while. Even she could not believe the reality of the news. From her heart she prays that her heart finds happiness in the next world.

Shibue Jyoji is best known to Sailor Moon fans as playing Tuxedo Kamen in PGSM, but he also worked with Miyuki on Kamen Rider Hibiki. He played Iori Izumi (Kamen Rider Ibuki). He posted that parting is really painful, and that there is no forgetting her cute voice once you heard it the first time. It is very painful for him to know he will never hear her voice again. He remembers how she used to say he was one of her best friends, and how it delighted him enormously. He was also in disbelief when he heard the news, and wishes he could have met with her one last time. He thanked her for everything and bid her a solemn farewell.

Nana Akiyama also worked with her on Kamen Rider Hibiki, playing Akira Amami. She wrote two entries. The first one says, "I heard the sad news two days ago from some people. I have lived for 18 years, and this is the most sad news of all. I still can't believe it. She was a good person and I wished to meet her once again. That wish will no longer be fulfilled. Still, I want to keep wishing. Just one more time, she could come out from somewhere so we could meet. I'll write more later, right now I want to leave my feelings here." The second one, written four days later, says "Feelings that want to be conveyed do not become words. It was not possible for me to update easily. But it was also not possible for me to settle down after today. When I think of her, my feelings surely come. But now they can become something real (NOTE: this is the best translation, these three sentences were hard). I loved everything that Miss Kanbe did, and none of my love changes for her. I think that she is watching me somewhere, and I will not say goodbye. I look foreward to the day I can meet Miss Kanbe again. You were in this world. I will not forget for a long time." Then she addressed a couple people who sent her email, "To (usernames). Thank you for your warm and gentle reassurance. We are together with the same feelings, and you have given me the green light to cry. Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you. From all the pain last week, it is not possible to remember every day that we spent together, but now I think I'll be okay not to forget her. Tomorrow, I will update the blog. It was closed while there was so much going on, news of the tragedy a little at a time. I look forward to pleasing you. Now, it will be nice to see you tomorrow. Goodnight.

Emi Kuriyama played Sailor Jupiter from 1999-2000 in the musicals, and worked with Miyuki. She is very hurt and saddened by this news. In her entry Still now..., she couldn't accept this news and has an empty hole in her heart. She attended the funeral, and can still to this day remember Miyuki calling to her "Kururin" in her cute and childish voice, in her healthy body. She is sad she can't see her again, and rejected her death. She can't come out with the words for her feelings, for the situation. But she feels that those left behind must live their lives with more strength. She got so much power, love, and kindness from Miyuki's words , and she loved her very much. She wants to laugh hard again like fools until her stomach hurts with her again. She ends thanking Miyuki. In later entries, she expresses that she is still hurt but is doing a lot better.

Ayumi Murata played Sailor Venus in the musicals from 2001-2002. On her blog, she wrote that she was saddened and surprised to hear of the news of her co-star's death. She sent her condolences, and prayed for her sincerely.

Chieco Kawabe played Sailor Mercury in the musicals from 2000-2002. She also played Naru Osaka in PGSM. She was also shocked by the sudden news, and was very sad. She sent her deepest condolences to those who were mourning her death. She is also praying for her.

Akiko Kosaka composed many of the Sera Myu musicals. She remembered Miyuki's audition, how she seemed like she had stepped right out of the cartoon. Miyuki to her was sugary, lovelym and super-energetic. She was very shocked at this sudden news, and thought that Miyuki's health had not been good for the last two years, leaving her in a lot of pain. She was certainly someone Akiko wished she had gotten to know more. She is sincerely praying for her third Sailor Moon.

Tomoko Inami played Mistress 9 and Sailor Neptune in the musicals. Though she never worked with Miyuki, she met her at many events. She sends her condolences and sincerely prays for her. Miyuki's death in her youth of only 24 years was a true tragedy.

Fumina Hara was the third actress to play Sailor Moon in the musicals. Though she was followed by Miyuki, there were times that they got together for events. Miyuki used to call her "Fumina-chaaaaan" with a big, tense grin on her face, and lots of energy. Her death was very unfortunate, because she was very adorable, cute, and was a fantastic girl. She prays her soul will rest in peace.

Monday, June 23, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Miyuki Kanbe Mourned

Miyuki Kanbe's funeral was held on June 21st in Kawasaki. Many of the office staff of her agency Rouge attended, as well as family and friends. One of those friends was popular idol, Shoko Nakagawa. There was a large portrait of her dressed in her Sera Myu costume (complete with odangoes) among the sea of flowers at the altar, along with around 20 other photos of her life. When everyone at her funeral saw her smiling pictures, they all began to cry. Shoko Nakagawa also fought tears many times at the service. She was very sad that she had lost one of her best friends so suddenly. Her tearful father spoke at the funeral, just before the casket was moved out. He said that Miyuki was very lucky to have so many people at this funeral whose lives she had touched. She was cremated afterwards.

Shoko wrote two heartbreaking entries mourning Miyuki. In the first one, Shoko says that when you close your eyes it is dark, much like what it is like to die. But the light that Miyuki gave will stay shining in everyone for eternity. She is comforted in knowing that wherever Miyuki is now, she is smiling down on everyone. Even though she is hurt, she will still have the many happy memories of her dear friend. In the second one, Shoko wishes she could meet Miyuki at Disneyland again or go out to eat, and wishes that they could have hung out a bit more in the last few years. She ends with a note asking Miyuki to rest in peace until they can meet again, so she can see her smile.

In another news story we read today, the entire cast of Miss Saigon was both saddened and shocked to hear of her death. One of the stars of the show, Seiko Niizuma, was quoted as saying "I thought her death was a bad joke". Miyuki was scheduled to be a part of Miss Saigon as well, but unfortunately she never got that chance.

On behalf of all Sailor Moon fans, we are very sorry to hear of what happened to Miyuki last week, and we send our deepest sympathies and condolences to her family, friends, and Rouge.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

In Memoriam - Miyuki Kanbe

EDIT: Some users have reported that this page is crashing because of the MIDI. I am working on a solution to this problem, for now though if you want to hear the song, open this link in a new tab or window so it plays and you still have the ambiance if you want to listen to the song while reading the page.

~Miyuki Kanbe - 1984-2008~

We have some sad, breaking news to report to you all this morning. Beloved Sera Myu actress Miyuki Kanbe unfortunately passed away June 18th at 4:08 AM in Japan. Originally from Kanagawa Prefecture, she was best known for being the third actress to play Sailor Moon in the Sera Myu musicals (2000-2001), and for playing the student Kyoko Kakei in Battle Royale II. She also had a role in Kamen Rider Hibiki as Hinaka Tachibana. She played the same role in the companion movie, Kamen Rider Hibiki & The Seven Fighting Demons. Miyuki was the best of 500 girls who had auditioned for the part of Sailor Moon. Miyuki also appeared on the popular Japanese variety show, Ucchan Nanchan no Urinari. There will be a small, private funeral and wake, to be arranged by her close relatives. This news has hit the Sailor Moon community pretty hard, as many fansites are mourning her loss. One fan has even uploaded one of her more memorable Sera Myu performances here.

Her health took a turn for the worse just as she had landed a starring role in the Japanese production of Les Miserables in February of 2007. She was supposed to play the tragic role of Eponine. Her agency, Rouge, had released a statement apologizing for pulling out of her six-month stint in the role, but that she needed to rest and get strong again. They also thanked everyone for their warm wishes for her recovery. Since then she had been in and out of the hospital. The producers of the show had left her a standing offer that she could return when she was better. Just a few weeks ago on June 9th, she had enough energy to meet with the President of her agency, Masaki Honda, in Shibuya to talk about her career. She expressed that she didn’t only want to act, she loved fashion and wanted to work in the industry. She especially loved rehashing old clothes into new ones! The President remarked that she was looking a lot better and had more energy than she did before, and everyone around her thought her woes were over. Sadly, in the last few days, her health condition took a sharp turn for the worst, and the emergency department at the hospital couldn’t save her. She was hit by cardiac arrest while she was undergoing some medical treatment. Honda remarked that he felt like he had lost his own child, and ever since she was young she had the power and the drive to be the best performer she could. Once again, this is truly devastating news and our deepest sympathies and condolences are with her family and friends at this time. She will truly be missed.

The song you should be hearing in the background is Ayumi Hamasaki’s Memorial Address. We chose to play this song in her memory because just as Miyuki’s star was rising, her life ended tragically, and suddenly. This song was written by Ayumi for her own Grandmother, who was her rock all throughout her childhood as her dad had walked out on her own mother. She wasn’t there for Ayu very much when she was growing up, and she was raised for the most part by her Grandmother. She died just as Ayu was recording her first single Poker Face, and this song was written for her and released many years later on the mini-album of the same name. To read the translation of the lyrics, click here, and to hear the song in full, click here.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

North American VA Sightings June 2008!

Stephanie Beard Posts New Promo Reel!

Stephanie Beard (Rini #2) isn’t giving up her quest on achieving her dreams in Los Angeles. She has posted a new promo reel on her official MySpace showing the different characters she has played on the Zone! There's even a Katie Griffin sighting in there for all you Sailor Mars fans! Stephanie has definitely proved she is great for all ages to enjoy and we continue to wish her the best of luck! Fans wanting to check out the reel can click here (and wink, wink, nudge, nudge, Stephanie has returned you know where).

Moon Chase Counts Down To Stephanie Morgenstern’s Big TV Debut!

Look where the poll is - we’re counting down to the premiere of Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1) and her husband Mark Ellis’s brainchild, Flashpoint! The show will be running simultaneously on both CBS in the USA and CTV in Canada July 11th at 10PM EST (check your local listings). CBS has started to put together an official website for the show here, but CTV hasn’t put one up yet. We will be watching the show and keeping you updated with show summaries , but we think that this deserves a really big celebration. In the past, we have featured clips of the VAs appearances on TV shows, but for this show we will not because it is currently on the air and episodes are viewable online. We will only post if we get a clip from Stephanie or the producers themselves. We encourage all Sailor Moon fans to come together and watch this when it premieres, grab your family and friends to show Stephanie support for her new venture! In the meantime, check out this sneek peek at CBS’s site - Stephanie Morgenstern herself appears as the hostage! Flashpoint also stars Amy Jo Johnson as Julianna. Amy is probably better known among our readers as the Pink Ranger from the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (don’t be afraid to admit it, you used to watch it as a kid)!
In another sighting we completely forgot to mention last time, Stephanie also appeared on Degrassi: The Next Generation in the episode right before Dennis Akayama appeared. In Death Or Glory: Part 1, she appeared as Dr. Rota, and gave Spinner the diagnosis that he was suffering from cancer. Fans can watch the episode online at CTV (in Canada) or The N (in the United States).

Toby Proctor in New Comedy!

Toby Proctor (Darien #2) plays a bouncer in Dawgs Playing Poker. This is an indie film all about a group’s escapades at night involving electrocution, bar-hopping, kidnapping, and lots of other things that make it R-rated. Dawgs has been in production since late 2006, and despite having a very low budget, was found to be highly entertaining by one blogger. The movie had its first premiere at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival last weekend. Fans can check out a trailer for the movie here! We really don’t think our younger readers should go catch this movie because of the film’s nature.

Linda Ballantyne is a Turtle and a Newscaster!

Linda Ballantyne (Sailor Moon #3) hasn’t been up to a whole lot as of late. She voiced a turtle named Shelley on the popular Kids WB Jr. and YTV show Will and Dewitt. Unfortunately the show was panned by viewers, mainly because the characters were based off of Procter and Gamble’s Kandoo line of soaps, shampoos, and other toiletries for kids. What we were most excited to learn about was that Linda can actually be seen in the flesh in a movie!Teddy Bear is a story of your average man who lives a secret life as a serial killer. Linda has a role playing a Newscaster in the film, and we were able to find a picture of her on the movie’s official site! Now we all know what she looks like !And we can finally tell you that she was the woman in the orange shirt and overalls in the Rubber Chicken Farmers’ short, Oh Baby! Fans can watch the short here (it's the last one at the very bottom). Teddy Bear was on Super Channel’s schedule not too long ago, but isn’t at this moment. It may return at a later time since these movie channels are known to cycle their movies often. Click here to see a trailer!

Dennis Akayama in New Roxy Hunter TV-Movie!

This sighting is especially for our tween members! Nickelodeon's Roxy Hunter series is going to have another TV Movie air very soon, called Roxy Hunter and the Myth of the Mermaid. This one is about the young genius in pursuit of a local journalism award. She brings home a soaking wet amnesiac from a coffee shop and soon comes to the conclusion that the amnesiac is in fact, a mermaid! Dennis has a supporting role as Kyoto in this one. We were unable to find an airtime for this movie, so any fan who finds out when this movie airs, please let us know!

North American VA Sightings June 2008! (Continued)

Robert Bockstael and David Fraser Scream Mayday!

Robert Bockstael (Prince Diamond) and David Fraser (Grandpa Hino) were both seen in the same episode of Discovery Channel's air tragedy docudrama, Mayday. They appeared in the episode Gimli Glider, which was all about the tragedy of an Air Canada jet which was exhausted of it's fuel supply. Robert played Captain Pearson, and David played Robert Hewett. The Captain was a lifesaver as he was able to fly this plane and land it safely as it was gliding. David also appeared in the episode Runaway Train in 2006. These episodes are more than likely to rerun since the show is on almost every day, so watch out for them on your local TV schedules!

While We're Talking About Robert Bockstael...

Robert has a couple appearances in some big productions happening very soon! On July 1st, a movie called Time Bomb will be released straight to DVD. It's a war-themed movie about a father named Jason, who lost his son when his SUV exploded. Now he is in Iraq, and the constant suicide bombings around him remind him of his son. An army scientist approaches him about an experimental virus that would create a squad of suicide bombers they could use against the enemy. Uncertain if he has already been infected by the virus, he must struggle to decipher which explosions are real and which are in his head. Robert has a supporting role in this movie as Black. Trailer can be seen here! Robert is also busy with his new role as a Principal in Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning, a brand new TV movie based on the beloved books by Lucy Maud Montgomery. From what we have read, this story tells of Anne's life before she came to Green Gables. Look for this to air sometime later this year on CTV!


☼ Rino Romano (Tuxedo Mask #1) has a role in a new Mel Brooks cartoon, Spaceballs: The Animated Series. No word on when it is going to air in the United States, but he will be the voice of Lone Star. The show premiered earlier this month on Canada's Super Channel.

☼ Wendy Lyon (Queen Serenity) plays Sally Rainfield in the TV Movie Mayerthorpe. This one is based on the tragic story of four Mounties which were killed in the line of duty while stopping a drug operation. The movie aired last February on CTV.

☼ Sabrina Grdevich had a supporting role in the Lifetime Movie Matters of Life and Dating (Originally Titled "A Very Lucky Girl"). The movie about a woman's journey to re-enter the dating scene and repair her life after a battle with breast cancer aired last October.

☼ It turns out Vince Corazza (Tuxedo Mask #3) was the class clown! Read this hilarious thread for more information!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Caption This #1

Hello Everyone! There is a VA article in the works but something or other keeps coming up and I never get around to working on it for as long as I would like to. I did get asked recently if I have abandoned this site, and the answer to that is NO! I would never abandon this place - it means a lot to me and the other staff members and of course we know lots of you like to come read what's going on here!

So, I'm going to introduce a new feature! Sometimes, we come across fanart that makes us really wonder what the artists were thinking when they created it. So, courtesy of The Me, he is responsible for this inaugural entry! He found this very weird crossover between Disney Princesses and Sailor Moon on an image board a few days ago. We can't even tell who the leader of the pack is! We open up our comments to you, go ahead and caption this!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Movie News!

Ghost in the Shell Joins the Rehash Trend!

Following in the footsteps of Rebuild of Evangelion, the legendary Ghost in the Shell film from 1995 is going to be re-released in theaters in Japan with some shiny changes on July 12th! New computer generated graphics and digital effects will be added, as well as a brand new 6.1 surround sound recording. The sound mixing is under the helm of Randy Thom, who worked on GiTS 2: Innocence, and used George Lucas' Skywalker Sound as his home base for this project. The re-release makes a lot of use of 3-D CGI technology pioneered in the years since the original. Unfortunately, the first film did not do very well in its limited release in US theaters, but observed a much bigger following on DVD and Home Video. Mamoru Oshii stated that he really wanted to give this movie another chance in theaters, especially since technology has come a long way since 1995. He was most happy that the technology allowed for them to have better control over the color, which was very hard to keep consistent with the cels they used in 1995. They call the re-release Ghost in the Shell 2.0 , not because it is a continuation of where the film left off, but an evolution given upgrades to technology. The biggest change in this movie, lies in their choice of Seiyuu. Yoshiko Sakakibara (Queen Nehelenia) will be playing the voice of The Puppet Master, who was played by a man in 1995! We are unsure if Shigeru Chiba's (Kurumiwario) or Ginzo Matsuo's (Sailor Police Cop) voices have been used or replaced in the movie at this time. Ginzo had a small role as an old man, and Shigeru played a garbage collector. Oshii has said he would like this to come out on DVD, but at this point he is unsure if it will. The limited release of this movie (only 5 cities!) precedes the premiere of his latest film, The Sky Crawlers.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Finally Makes North American Debut!

A movie we have been keeping our eyes on for quite a while now is finally being released to North America. Sadly, it's only a limited cinema release for now. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time will be playing in Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York very soon - check the link for details! The website also features a short trailer of the English dub, but we are looking forward to seeing the award-winning subbed version. Bandai expects to announce more theatrical dates soon - now would be a great time to hound your independent cinemas to bring this film to your hometown! Tell your local indie cinema operators to give Bandai Entertainment or Kadokawa Pictures USA a shout for more information on getting this movie. For those of our fans a little rusty on this movie's connection to Sailor Moon, this film was directed by Mamoru Hosada, who worked as a key animator on the Sailor Moon S Movie.