Saturday, June 28, 2008

Caption This #2

Here we are again with another questionable fanart! Today's comes from a forums signature I noticed on forums I frequent. Though I love Sailor Moon and the Spice Girls equally, this is one crossover that makes me shudder.

Caption 1: (To the chorus of Wannabe)
We really wannabe your heroes,
We wanna trash bad guys!
Over and over forever,
Our power never dies!

Caption 2: Upon learning that anime is the hit thing right now with the younger generation, the Spice Girls reunite as cosplayers to further their message of "Girl Power".


Blaed said...

Wow, searching for any news on Sailor Moon leads me here, and I find my signature for DenDen is being shared more then I thought. lol Well spotted I guess...


Watcherprime said...

The Spice Girls new act... After failing horribly in music, television, movies, touring, dog shows, catering...

sailordees said...

I do have to say that it was an ingenious idea Blaed - I remember back in the day lots of people were comparing Baby Spice to Usagi . She had meatballs/odangoes too way back then. Just... the thought of the girls as senshi sort of freaks me out a little :p