Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sailor Moon Commercials From ANIMAX!

Good Morning Moonies and Happy Weekend! We are now 3 days away from the Return of Sailor Moon in Japan! We stumbled upon a gem this morning and we had to share it with you! Some kind user on a Japanese streaming video site posted a few commercials from ANIMAX and Toei Channel about Sailor Moon's return, and since many of you can't access this site, we decided to post a copy of it on Sevenload. Enjoy - there are really no other words to describe this, except it appears that Kotono Mitsuishi probably recorded a new voice over on these commercials! We are all smiles this morning!

Link: Sailor Moon ANIMAX Commercials

We have also posted this up on YouTube.


esahC said...

Did I just heard "desu" from Usagi?

Anywho, nice of Kotone of doing some new voice acting for Usagi. Voice sounds a little older though. Either way, thanks for the posting guys!

Anonymous said...

Someone please translate!! what is she saying??? please

that's cool they got her to make a new commercial for Japan.

setokaiba said...

hi is there any new to sailor moon about showing it in the usa

sailordees said...

I'll try to get a friend to help - she speaks too fast in some places for me to understand! No news yet on if the show will return to North America. I plan to start putting the results together on Monday or Tuesday!

~CyCyN~ said...

Gaaah!!! I just adore Kotono!! I love it that she stands behind SM no matter what and that's she's still willing to do these kind of things for the series, even though it's just a short 15 sec CM :3

Thanx for posting!!!