Saturday, October 02, 2010

Sailor Moon Rising Way Above Industry Expectations in Italy!

Sailor Moon's TV ratings have surprised many in the entertainment industry as it has far exceeded any typical expectations! First, we'll show you what we mean in a table with whatever ratings we have been able to find so far through the Italian news at Ascolti TV.

DateViewersMarket Share
September 8th, 2010563,0006.68%
September 9th, 2010570,0006.65%
September 10th, 2010522,0006.76%
September 13th, 2010736,0008.40%
September 27th, 2010952,00010.71%
September 28th, 2010703,0008.30%
September 29th, 2010620,0007.54%
September 30th, 2010917,00010.76%

So, What Do All These Numbers Mean?

Here, is a short lesson on how to interpret ratings. Most countries (such as Nielsen in the United States), randomly select a portion of the population to have a special set-top box alongside their cable box to gather information about what the household is watching, who is watching, and what they think of what they are seeing. The number you see above under the "Viewers" column, is how many people with those boxes watched the show. The percentage you see next to that number under the "Market Share" column shows you what percentage of people were watching the show, out of all of the other people that were watching TV with those boxes at the same time.

Normally, a cartoon doesn't do very well in the ratings, usually scoring around 1%. Cartoons that are very popular usually start at around 3.5% and rise up. This is because usually children make up such a small part of the sample population. However, those numbers next to Sailor Moon are much, much, bigger than 1 - they are 6,7,8 and 10! This is huge for Sailor Moon, because it shows that it is likely not only children that are watching the show, but probably adults as well. And the final icing on the cake is a recent release at Kidscreen that shows Sailor Moon made the top 5 kids' program broadcasts in Italy! What we found didn't show us any age demographic ratings, unlike the ones we hunt down for We Got the Solution. If these are the results in Italy, who knows what the results might be around the rest of the world?

Fan Luigi Reda pointed out some amazing news to us on our Facebook page, and we were able to find much more through our radar that watches everything about Sailor Moon! Thanks Luigi!


Lichy said...

OMG, this gets me sooo excited!
Possible global revival for SM´s 20th anniversary...oh my, this would be a dream come true!
Keep up the gd work, italians! :)

The World of Lurlene Mcdaniel said...

that's awesome that the sailor moon ratings went up in italy. if this continues on maybe the us will probably show sailor moon back on the air again. yay! ^_^

TheMisanthrope said...

This is fantastic!! Hopefully Sailor Moon will make her way back to the US.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! Things are looking well for Sailor Moon!! ^^

Brit-chan said...

How exciting to see Sailor Moon come back with such enthusiasm over seas! I hope this leads to very good and exciting news in the future. Thank you so very much for all the hard work you do @ MoonChase! I LOVE you guys so much!