Sunday, May 08, 2011

Breaking News: New Sailor Moon Merchandise Licenses:

Via Sailor Moon World Italy (and some fans’ messages, thanks!), some new companies involved in merchandising have acquired licenses for Sailor Moon. These include two companies with US branches and one for France; Topps (Germany, Italy and America), Namco Bandai Games America, and Giochi Preziozi France. It is probably safe to infer that Topps will be releasing sticker books (and possibly cards), Giochi Preziozi France will release some (if not all) of the toys made in Italy, and NBGA is likely going to bring La Luna Splende to North America eventually. But, nothing is confirmed, and everyone should have waited for a press release. We have been advised from the companies to play it safe and wait for official word before posting anything like this, but given the criticism and heat we have had to face from some fans, we’re addressing it now as safely as we possibly can. We’ve featured a large photo below filled with cropped screenshots from Kazachok’s Web Guide.

What remains to be known (especially in France and North America), is if this is a sign that the release of the anime is imminent in either of these regions. There are a few other regions in the world that don’t have Sailor Moon either (Russia and Ukraine, to start). In a Japanese press release announcing the return of Sailor Moon to North America, Kodansha made note of how especially in North America, that without the release of the anime and other merchandise, that the manga may not experience the same “big boom” of the past*. We can’t speculate on the progress being made on the anime, due to certain statements made in the last 2 months from companies and representatives all around. We have to wonder if these new merchandising deals are some kind of a placeholder in between that will ultimately aid the anime when the time is right for it to return, while also tiding the release of the manga. Usually, the pattern in Sailor Moon licensing news has been anime first, merchandise and manga second. What do you think, Moonies?

*We had read this the day it was posted but didn’t post anything about it on Moon Chase because you fans were in such a happy mood and we didn’t want to damper the situation! Instead, we all discussed it amongst ourselves for a while and once again, wondered why Sailor Moon was having such a turbulent resurgence.


Brit-chan said...

I think, at the moment, this is when we keep our fingers crossed and hopes up high, but at the same time prepare for the worst.

Like I always do, prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

I'm positive that Sailor Moon will have a good resurgence in America and other countries if the companies go about it correctly.

However, seeing as it has been rather rocky so far(despite the success in Italy), I am also not going to be too hopeful.

But this is definitely an interesting turn of events!

Anonymous said...

I think that the companies involved are really anticipating that this will be a success. Naoko T. must be anticipating it too... for she has been working for a while on re-drawing some of the Sailor Moon manga and fixing it up for the re-releases.
I vote that we all support the current US airing of Dragon Ball Z Kai.. for it is a re-dubbed and remastered version of the old one... and if it's successful, I bet cartoon network or some other network might be more willing to give Sailor Moon a try :) Please tune in to Dragon Ball Z Kai to support future anime airings :)

Brianna Marie Angelakis said...

I definitely think that the anime is on it's way to the US and other English speaking nations. I have no doubts in the least. I think part of the problem is because the US has Hollywood, and someone out there really wants the rights to make either a live action movie (like Speed Racer) or a CG movie (like Astro Boy). I seriously believe this is the case.

Brit-chan said...

I didn't know DBZ Kai was being aired in the U.S. I knew it had been dubbed but not put on TV. Too bad I don't have cable at the moment. I'd watch lots of anime, even if its just the stuff on Adult Swim on Sat nights.

Which, back when I had cable, I noticed they were pretty negative about their anime showings. Having bits saying that people don't even watch it, when I saw that FMA: Brotherhood was one of their top rated shows on the weekend. I dunno what to think about them at times. :/

Sorry for getting a bit off topic. XD

cyrilju13 said...

Namco bandai Europe has aslo acquired the rights of sailor moon for France

sl57044 said...

DBZ Kai is airing on Nicktoons, which I get from FIOS.

It would be interesting to see if what happened with DBZ -> DBZ Kai happens with Sailor Moon...and this evidence is an interesting indicator of such.

b.galauner2 said...

So, does this mean that we'll see SM stuff at like Hot Topic and everything? I most certainly hope so!! Does everyone remember that time like 2 years ago when EVERY teen girl was obsessed with Twilight? (I'm a girl, and I wasn't haha!) My point with that is, did anyone ever see what Hot Topic looked like at the time? Truckloads of Twilight merchandise all around the store!! So, if the manga does really well and if we have the merchandise liscense back...could the thing that happened with Twilight happen to Sailor Moon as well? (At least SM is actually a GOOD show out there) If that were to happen, I would be THRILLED!!! Although, I'd like to ask: Since we don't have the anime back at this point, what kind of merchandise will be brought to America? Much of the merchandise comes from the anime anyway, so what else is there? There's the La Luna Splende game, the manga....what else?

Anyway, I REALLY hope the anime makes a comeback soon. I'm so pumped to read the manga when it's released again, because I've never read it before. I believe there's some good reason as to why we don't have the anime back yet, however I hope it's a reason that we can change in our favor. I heard that the liscense for the English dub of Sailor Moon isn't up for renewal, so that may be why we don't (or aren't) going to get it. Otherwise, it could just be placement, like other people have said. Maybe they want to test the waters out in America. If the manga does well, then they will consider bringing back the anime? But then again, if we have the merchandise liscense, then why not the anime liscense? I don't know, marketing stuff is tricky I guess!

I'm guessing this comment's pretty long, so I'll end things here. But don't give up guys! We've made it this far, I'm sure we can go the extra mile and get back the best show ever created for television!! =D