Saturday, March 24, 2007

Weird and Wonderful Sailor Moon Stuffs on eBay #2!

Here it comes everyone! Your Bi-weekly scavenge of Ebay for strange and treasured Sailor Moon Merchandise!

Greatest of the Cheap Items:
Pencil Cases and Pencils - From Japan!

Most Expensive Item:
We found two this week that we thought were way too overpriced!
Sailor Moon Infinity Artbook - Yes we know this is rare but a grand is still too much!

Both of the ADV subbed boxsets - $750 is too much to pay, used or new!

Best of the Rest:

A Special Edition Pin Set - Released (we assume) coinciding with the S-season.

Sailor Moon Bedsheets - a must have for a Sailor Moon fan with a twin-sized bed!

Tuxedo Mask Wallet - For all those times your boyfriend won't give you money!

Unopened Dart Flipcards Box - Missing any cards in your collection? There's a good chance it will be in here!

A Rare Clear File - This was a bonus in an issue of Nakayoshi.

Pegasus Scepter - Produced in Germany!

Sailor Moon Vanity - Now your Sailor Moon dolls and figures can have their own vanity to prim themselves!

Sailor Moon Cake Party Set - This makes the Easy Bake oven seem so much less cool~

Sailor Moon's Transformation Pen! - Note: This product may not actually transform you into anyone you want.

Sailor Moon Settai Lot - These drawings were made by the studio to use as references for animating.

Sailor Moon Album Figurine - We're not sure what this is,it might be a photo album or some figures. If any of you know, please contact us!

Rare Locket Set - Also a bonus in Nakayoshi!

Prism Box and Hankerchief - Also rare from Japan!

Sailor Moon Backpack - A North American Item for that special kindergartner in your life!

Manga Card File - This too, was a bonus with Nakayoshi!

Sailor Moon Chopsticks and Spoon - Perfect for School Lunches!

Sailor Chibi-Moon Pen - This is adorable!

And so ends this column! Who knows what the next one will bring?

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