Monday, December 14, 2009

Sailor Moon is back... In Indonesia?

We came across this interesting little gem and thought it was good for a laugh!  The Blowfish Kitchen and Bar is an upscale Japanese restaurant and lounge in Jakarta, Indonesia which boasts many performance events such as this one.

Although we can't find many details about the performance, we find it rather interesting that someone would create such a grown up production based around a popular cartoon show.

If any of our readers attended this event, we'd love to know more about it!


ShinraiTenchi said...

"Your naughty childhood fantasy comes alive"?? LOL

Chrisseh said...

This makes me skeptic... I recognize the images used as models for cosplay costumes, such as this one.

One of the actual images seen in the poster can be found near the bottom where there are more pictures to enlarge.

sailordees said...

Now this really makes us wonder what happened in this "movie"! Thanks, Chrisseh!

Anonymous said...

What's odd is one of the images (Saturn) looks like a cosplayer whose images I've seen before.

I think those images were taken off the internet, and are not indicative of the show. I wonder how the cosplay would feel to know that they're used for a dirty ad? XD

Anonymous said...

Those pictures were taken from the internet. That Saturn looks like a cosplayer whose images I've seen before.

Whoever is actually in the show probably doesn't look anything like the women on the poster. I wonder how the cosplayer would feel to know they were used in adult ad? XD

jsalexandra said...

This is fantastic news for the fans of sailor moon back in Indonesia. I am a huge fan of the show; really like all the sailor moon episodes all of them are really entertaining. It’s a good thing that the show is reaching out to the fans world over.