Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Operation Moonrise: Kodansha America Letter Writing Campaign, and a Special Surprise!

Hey Moonies! Just a quick heads up that Kodansha received the purple binder on Monday morning, so we're ready to start our letter writing campaign. We have posted the address and other relevant information in our forums, and you will need to be a member to view this - so if you haven't joined our forums, please do!

And for those of you that are and/or will be members, there's a special surprise also waiting for you in the campaign forums. Just think of it as a thank you for being a part of our forums and a chance to participate in something exclusive to our site!

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KaitoMizuno said...

I was a fan of UglyBetty(i have the complete season 1 & 2 DVD (the two first season are my favorite))But i never finish the season 3. When i read Your post, i start watching the season 3 where our lovely Woman appears. i did not know she appear on the Show, ( i was thinking she was the evil Amanda(Thank GOD SHE is NOT))
THanks for the news... : )