Saturday, April 09, 2011

April 2011 Sailor Moon Channel Updates (Part 2)

Hey Moonies! Sorry this took a little longer than expected - it has been a very busy week! Here are the translations from the new entries of Naoko Takeuchi's new photo journal on Sailor Moon Channel. She features photos of an Easter egg and a coloring book from Italy (6 & 7), what may be an old photo of her watching a shuttle launch (8), and some new drawings of characters from Sailor Moon (9, 10, & 11)! 9 is a new drawing of Minako/Sailor Venus (to some she looks a little older), 10 looks to be one of Chibi-Chibi all grown up, and 11 is a new image of Usagi/Sailor Moon (again, to some she looks a little older). These all look like line sketches/works in progress, but it is so good to see new drawings of Sailor Moon again! P.S. These translations came from me, but Emily saved me a ton of time by getting them on the images (teamwork FTW)!

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